A message from us…

Students who struggle with executive function need to learn how to learn. A well-known proverb teaches that if you give a hungry man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. The same is true for our students. If we teach them executive function strategies along with an awareness of how to use them, we empower students to become independent, lifelong learners. This is our passion.

– The Lively Minds Team

What We Do…

Lively Minds Institute has a mission to work with students, parents, and teachers to teach all students the skills they need to become successful learners. We believe that when everyone is working together on the same team, we can affect significant and lasting change. Our coaching, curriculum, trainings, and parent support are all rooted in the leading research in the field of executive function to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts.

We are confident that every student can develop skills for self-control, self-monitor, flexibility, emotional control, task initiation, working memory, planning, time management, and organization. With this development comes the expectation that students can learn well and feel confident in their abilities. It is our role to instruct intentionally and help them recognize what they are truly capable of achieving.

Our Coaches…

We have an exceptional team of coaches who are kind, caring professionals. They are passionate about helping students develop the skills that they need to learn and feel confident about themselves. Coaches become active members of your student’s education team, partnering with Lively Minds, parents, and teachers to successfully implement the custom plan.

Our coaches are experienced educators who have a clear working knowledge of executive functions and their impact on learning. They have been selected from a rigorous hiring process, and we are confident that their educational beliefs, standards and practices align with those of Lively Minds Institute.

Lively Minds coaches are sensitive to the anxiety that can come from executive function skills that are not yet developed, and they are experienced at working with students with a variety of learning needs. They understand how to communicate effectively, motivate students, and support students with emotional and behavioral needs.

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