Why Coaching?

Coaching is a type of development in which an experienced educator teaches and develops skills to achieve a specific goal. Our executive function coaching utilizes the expertise of professional educators who understand the learning process so that we can effectively teach the skills and habits needed for learning success.

When deciding whether your student needs a coach or a tutor, consider the distinct differences so that you can determine your student’s overall needs and goals.

Why Virtual?

The world has turned to the virtual environment for much of our daily tasks and even for our engagement with each other. Lively Minds has discovered the many benefits of virtual coaching sessions, and we believe it can provide the best service for our students. We are conscious of the distinctions specific to virtual learners who need to:

  • Be challenged by what they hear, see and do
  • Stay connected to content and the coach
  • Be active while also avoiding distractions
  • Have strong interaction and communication
  • Receive detailed instructions and feel comfortable asking questions
  • Have a positive learning experience

With these needs in mind, we are committed to focusing on the best virtual methods and ask for our families’ partnership as we strive to give our students the strategies and skills that they need to learn.

At Lively Minds, we are intentional about choosing the best coach for each student. When we remove the geographical limitations, we have a larger group of educators to choose from, and we can find a coach with just the right expertise, and experience to work with your student.

Students are often more actively engaged with virtual sessions because their participation is necessary for digital communication, and they are more focused on questions and instructions.

Without travel limitations, coaches and families can more easily adapt the lesson lengths to fit the student’s specific needs, making the lessons more effective.

Students can easily and quickly log on to their session by clicking a link. Plugging in earbuds or headphones can also allow students to isolate communication from the session, with no interruptions to the rest of a family’s activities.

Parent involvement in virtual sessions is often more welcomed by the student, and parents enjoy understanding some of the strategies that coaches are teaching.

With the ongoing innovations to virtual communication, online tools make the sessions more engaging and effective for all types of learners.

Get Started

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