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Executive Function in the Classroom

This training session will explore what executive function skills really look like in the classroom. Executive functions are much more than keeping a planner or organizing a backpack. They are the skills that help students regulate their emotions, start an assignment, transition to a new topic, turn in quality work, and so much more. Students need to develop strategies to navigate learning in the classroom, and in this workshop, we will create a plan for recognizing and developing executive function skills in students.

Executive Function and the Brain

When teaching executive functions, understanding how the brain is connected is essential. When we have a deeper knowledge of the brain functionality among different learners, we can make sure that the strategies that we are working to implement are appropriate and effective. We will explore the different brain functions in various learners to see how it all works together and how we can use the science to empower our students.

Motivation, Engagement and Application

In this training session, we will focus on the question we get asked the most, “How do I engage an unmotivated student?” We will take a look at motivation in students to determine why students often seem lazy or apathetic, and then we will explore strategies to get even the toughest students engaged. Finally, we will devise a plan to apply the strategies for continued success.

Intervention and Instruction for Executive Function

Much like teaching math or reading, when teaching executive function skills, we need to create habits. We instruct on a new concept, and then we provide opportunities to practice and apply the skills. The same is true for executive function, and in this training, we look at some of the important factors involved in effectively teaching the habits needed for successful learning.

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