At Lively Minds, we understand how essential it is to provide educators with solutions that are practical and accessible. Our student-centered trainings are rooted in science and begin by determining the unique needs of each school. We then model the strategies and encourage collaboration to ensure students develop the skills that they need to become confident, successful learners.

Why Our Model Works

We provide a roadmap to executive function and the vehicle to get there. We consult directly with your team to learn more about your student population and their specific executive function needs. Then we customize our trainings to ensure that the strategies that we are teaching, modeling, and practicing will be successful in your classrooms. When we come to your school, we engage your teachers and encourage collaboration to ensure effective implementation right away. Additionally, Our Cerebrate curriculum provides the lessons that teachers need to teach the skills for self-control, self-monitor, flexibility, emotional control, task initiation, working memory, planning, and organization. Each lesson directly targets a specific challenge and includes intervention strategies and implementation ideas. We’ve taken the guesswork out of executive function development in the classroom.

Get Started

We work with educators across the country, and we would love to talk to you about your executive function needs.