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Some parents suspect that executive function skills are affecting their students’ ability to learn, but they are not sure how to determine if it is really the cause. It is helpful to look at some of the challenges associated with the eight executive functions listed below. All students struggle in these areas at some point, but the questions to ask are whether these challenges are affecting their ability to learn and whether they could find more learning success if they developed strategies to overcome them.

Students who struggle with Self-Control:

  • Do not think before acting
  • Do not consider consequences
  • Need to be told to stop actions

Students who struggle with Self-Monitor:

  • Lack understanding of own strengths and areas for improvement
  • Rarely check work for mistakes or completion
  • Do not realize how actions make others feel

Students who struggle with Flexibility:

  • Have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another
  • Become upset with changing situations
  • Try the same solution to a problem, even when it does not work

Students who struggle with Emotional Control:

  • React strongly to situations
  • Have difficulty understanding feelings
  • Have trouble calming down

Students who struggle with Task Initiation:

  • Are not self-starters
  • Have difficulty staying on track
  • Have trouble coming up with different ways to solve a problem

Students who struggle with Working Memory & Attention:

  • Cannot remember information
  • Have trouble concentrating and are easily distracted
  • Needs assistance to stay on task

Students who struggle with Planning & Time Management:

  • Underestimate the time needed to finish tasks
  • Become overwhelmed by large assignments or projects
  • Do not plan ahead and start tasks at the last minute

Students who struggle with Organization:

  • Do not keep papers, homework and necessary materials ordered or arranged
  • Have difficulty determining priorities
  • Cannot keep a workspace neat

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