Empowering students with executive function strategies for learning success.

As educators, we see how executive functions are needed for learning each day. Whether it is the student needing to remember where he put his homework, or the one who needs to calm down after a disappointment, executive functions affect the learning of every student in the classroom. For the students who struggle with executive functions, classroom management strategies can help manage behaviors, but it is only a short-term solution. To affect lasting change, students need to learn the skills to modify their behavior. Our Cerebrate Executive Function Curriculum provides educators with a custom collection of lessons, strategies, and implementation ideas to target each student’s specific needs and develop executive function skills.

The Lessons

The Cerebrate lessons for students are engaging, easy to use and written by a team of educators who understand the pressures in the classroom. Each of the three age categories has over 200 lessons that address 64 unique challenges, and teachers can customize each student’s curriculum by simply choosing the student’s most significant challenges. This allows for targeted instruction that addresses the struggles that are standing in the way of learning success.

The Educator Guides

Each lesson is accompanied by an Educator Guide that provides the lesson objective, strategies for intervention, and ideas for implementing the lesson into the learning environment. The strategies for intervention help teachers consider factors like developmental issues, external supports, motivation, and awareness. The implementation ideas provide ways to help students learn to apply the skills, both individually and in group settings. We’ve taken the guesswork out of teaching Executive Functions!

How It All Works

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