Empowering Students with Executive Function Strategies for Learning Success


Our executive function coaches work with students of all ages to develop strategies and systems for targeted growth.


The Cerebrate curriculum provides a customized set of engaging lessons that address up to 64 unique executive function challenges.


We offer professional training for educators to implement skill development in their classrooms in ways that are practical and realistic.

Why Executive Functions?

Executive Functions skills make it possible for students to learn because they are organized, focused and aware. Students with strong executive function skills can think about consequences, control their behavior, consider solutions, manage their time and start projects. Lively Minds Institute is dedicated to helping students develop these habits that they rely on to successfully learn and grow.

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How Does Organization Help My Student In School

How Does Organization Help My Student In School

Organization is one of the best way to start improving your student’s study skills. Organizing can be applied to multiple different areas of your student’s life, and it will start to improve more than just academic scores.  Here are some of the benefits of students...